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Driven by Our Core Values

Safety, Integrity, Team, Relationships, and Innovation 

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planet freight about

Our Vision

To Simplify Transportation with Human Intelligence and Innovation

Our Mission

To Deliver Innovative, Customer Collaborative Services to the Marketplace

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Valley Express

About Us

Planet Freight is a Third party Logistics Company founded in 1999 by Ron Jankowski, a lifelong Wisconsin resident with a passion for transportation. Ron successfully grew the organization through the years, establishing strong local relationships with both reputable carriers and valued customers. Deciding that he wanted to take the organization to the next level and introduce the company’s offerings to a national audience, Ron brought in Chris Cook and Noah Wilmot. Both Chris and Noah have a proven track record of success; taking homegrown Logistics Companies, rounding out their offerings, and providing a new level of elite solutions to their respective customer bases. We look forward to working together with you to illustrate how rewarding it is to work with a national Third party Logistics Company with local values and service expectations.

Our Team

Ron Jankowski

Ron Jankowski

Founder of Valley Express

Chris Cook

Chris Cook

CEO Valley Express Companies

Noah Wilmot

Noah Wilmot

President of Planet Freight

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