Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

With winter quickly approaching it means snow is on the way. For some of us the snow has already arrived. Driving in the winter is different than other times of the year. Below are some tips and reminders for safe winter driving.

1. Slow Down

First and foremost, it is important to slow down when the roads are icy or snow covered. Drive only as fast as the road conditions permit, to keep you and the others on the road safe. Don’t worry about making it on time, just worry about making it there safely.

2. Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Remember that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, if the roads are wet and the temperature drops below 32 degrees, be prepared for icy conditions.

3. Observe Tire Spray

Another way to tell if the roads are starting to freeze is by looking at the tire spray coming off of the tires of the vehicles around you. If there is a lot of spray coming off of the tires, it means the roads are wet. If the roads are wet and you notice there isn’t a lot of spray coming off of the tires, it means the roads are starting to freeze. To tell if there is black ice on the roads, the roads will appear wet but there will be no spray coming off of the tires.

4. Don’t Follow Others Too Close

Make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the person in front of you when driving in inclement conditions. You want to have enough room to stop if needed.

5. Carry Supplies

If you do end up in a situation where you are stuck in bad weather, you will want to make sure you have supplies. Things to include are blankets, water, and canned food. Always be more prepared than you think you will have to be.

6. Relax

When you start to panic you lose focus on the situation. Try to stay as calm as possible to keep your focus on the road and arriving safely.

7. Use Smooth Movements

Use smooth movements when driving in snow. Don’t brake or accelerate hard and remember to steer gently.

These winter driving tips will ensure you arrive at your destination safely.
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