Why You Should Use A Freight Broker

Freight brokers act as the intermediary between shippers and carriers. Learn the benefits of using a freight broker to coordinate your shipments.

1. Technology

Freight brokers have access to new technologies and equipment individual shippers and carriers may not have access to. The equipment is designed to provide accurate tracking and performance analytics.

2. Negotiate Prices

Freight brokers specialize in coordinating shipping needs. They are able to negotiate prices between shippers and carriers to ensure the best price for both parties. Freight brokers are also experts at determining additional charges that may be required for certain shipments.

They can also help shippers save money. Freight brokers have access to a large database of qualified carriers, which allows them to select the carrier with the best price for the job.

3. Efficiency

Freight brokers work with shippers and carriers to transport the freight in an efficient and reliable manner.

4. Flexible

Freight brokers create flexibility in the supply chain. Since freight brokers are able to draw from a large network of carriers, shippers can be flexible with the amount of freight shipped at different times of the year. They help find a great shipper/carrier match when capacity is tight, but they are also able to scale down during slow periods.

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