What Is LTL Shipping?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is becoming a popular way for companies to ship their freight without using a full trailer.

Many businesses find LTL shipping a cost-effective method since they only have to pay for the sections of they truck they fill. LTL shipping also offers flexibility for businesses with varying demand throughout the year. When demand slows, trucking companies can scale back the amount of space used in the trailer and pay less.

The freight is usually sent to one central distribution center and loaded on the truck for delivery. The truck driver delivers all the freight in the trailer to various destinations across the country. Along the way, the freight packages are tracked with logistics to ensure they arrive on time in the proper location.

LTL shipping works similar to carpooling, making it an environmentally friendly shipping option. Instead of each business wasting fuel on each partially filled truck, multiple businesses can fill one trailer and split the cost.

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