What Is a Load Board?

A load board, also known as a freight board or freight matching service, helps to connect shippers and carriers. An online load board allows shippers to post the loads they have available and the carrier to find the available loads via the internet. There are many benefits to using a load board. Keep reading to learn more about load boards and the benefits of using one.

How a Load Board Works

A load board, as stated before, simply helps to connect shippers with carriers. First, the shipper will post to the load board with any available freight they have along with what equipment is needed to move the freight and any other pertinent information. The carrier can then search the load board to find freight options available for them to carry.

In the end both parties, shipper and carrier, benefit from using a load board. The carrier gets to fill an idle truck with a freight load and the shipper is able to move their freight. Shippers use a load board for various reasons. They may have overflow freight that needs to be moved or the shipper may not have a consistent group of carriers to choose from to carry the freight. No matter the reason, shippers benefit from the use of a load board. Carriers benefit from using a load board because it helps them to fill an otherwise empty truck.

Benefits of Load Boards

There are many benefits to using a load board for both shippers and carriers. Below are some of the most important benefits to using a load board.

1. Convenient & Efficient

A load board is easily accessed wherever internet is available. Both shippers and carriers can access the load board from their computers or mobile devices. Load boards are available 24/7, so no matter when you look, the load board is available with the most recent information.

2. Easy to Use

Load boards are easy to use. They don’t require much technical knowledge at all. All you have to do is create an account and log in to view the loads available.

3. Free or Low Cost

Many load boards, like the one Planet Freight offers, are free and others are low cost. To use a load board there isn’t a huge monetary investment involved.

All in all, a load board helps to streamline the process of connecting shippers with carriers. Both shippers and carriers can benefit from using a load board.

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