What Does A Freight Broker Do?

A freight broker acts as the intermediary between a shipper and a carrier. Freight brokers help to connect freight that needs to be transported with carriers that have extra space to transport it. Shippers use freight brokers to help them find reliable carriers to ship their freight. Carriers use freight brokers to help them fill their otherwise empty trucks.

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Coordinate Shipping Needs

Freight brokers are more than just the “middleman” coordinating shipping needs with companies around the nation. They are also able to ensure an efficient and reliable way of getting the freight from one point to another.

Freight brokers are also responsible for preparing forms that are needed for different types of shipments.

Track Freight

Freight brokers track incoming and outgoing freight regularly. Airline, train and truck are some of the different types of freight that are tracked by a freight broker. Freight brokers are also responsible for keeping track of the freight by recording the dimensions, type and weight of the freight. They track the freight throughout the entire transit, from shipment to delivery.

Negotiate Prices

Freight brokers negotiate the prices between the shipper and the carrier to ensure the best price for both parties and to get the job done in a timely manner. They also determine any additional charges there may be to ship the freight.

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