Ways For Truckers To Stay Warm In Winter

Every season has its own set of driving challenges. Not only do you have to be aware of safety concerns, but you have to stay comfortable and focused. Take a look at a few ways for truckers to stay warm in winter.

Inspect Your Truck Often

During the colder months of the year, it is especially important to keep your vehicle’s maintenance up to date. Do a visual, hands-on inspection and check all necessary areas, including tires, wiper blades, fluids and lights before you start driving every morning. Extremely cold temperatures can affect your vehicle, and it’s best to prevent emergencies that will leave you stranded and cold on the road.

Run Your Heater

When you’re doing paperwork or getting ready for bed, make sure you run your heater to allow your truck to get nice and toasty before turning in. You can also invest in a portable space heater to stay extra cozy.

Invest In A Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag

Another thing you can use to stay warm at night is a heavy duty sleeping bag. A nice insulated sleeping bag can make a huge difference in your comfort and help you get better rest.

Buy A 12V Mattress Pad
A 12V mattress pad will also help you stay warm and comfortable at night. They can be plugged into a lighter socket so you don’t have to idle your engine all night.

Keep A Stash Of Hand And Foot Warmers

Your hands and feet might get cold, whether you’re behind the wheel or tucking in for the night. It’s a good idea to have some hand and foot warmers ready to go just in case you need that extra jolt of warmth.

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