How Using A Freight Broker Improves Business Flow

A freight broker acts as an intermediary between a shipper with freight that needs to be transported and a carrier who has the capacity to move the freight. Using a freight broker can streamline a business’ shipping flow in many ways.

1. One Stop

Freight brokers provide a one-stop shop for all shipping needs. With one email to a freight broker, a business owner can receive rates for a variety of shipping methods including, less-than-truckload, truckload and international. The one-stop shop freight broker will save a business’s time.

2. More Carriers

Working with a freight broker gives shippers access to a larger carrier network. Brokers have access to thousands of carriers that outside networks shippers don’t normally have access to. This access gives shippers more options and competitive prices to choose from.

3. Knowledge

Freight brokers offer years of experience in the shipping industry. They can ensure shippers have the appropriate contracts, insurance coverages and necessary equipment needed to move the freight.

4. One Point Of Contact

Instead of coordinating with several carriers to lock in a great rate and coordinate the freight shipment, shippers who work with a freight broker have one point of contact to coordinate all of their shipping needs.

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