How to Use a Load Board

Load boards are an efficient tool for connecting shippers with carriers. An online load board allows the shippers and carriers to access up to the minute information wherever there is internet available.

This article explains how to use a load board as well as situations where an online load board is beneficial.

How to Use

Online load boards are fairly simple to use. The first step is identifying the load board that suits your needs. Many companies offer load boards. Some are free and some you have to pay for. We offer a free load board that is updated every five minutes to ensure the information is always current. Check out our complimentary load board here. Make sure the load board you choose to use offers all the information you need. Some load boards offer more or less information than others.

Once you have selected the appropriate load board for your needs, you need to register for an account. Typically the registration process is simple, but again every online load board is different and some may require more information.

Once you are registered with an account, you can access the load board at any time anywhere there is internet access available. Load boards are easily accessible on mobile devices too so you can check for loads on the go.

Beneficial Situations

Like stated previously, load boards are beneficial for many different situations. Below are a few situations where a load board can help shippers and carriers.

  • When a shipper has overflow freight that needs to be moved
  • A shipper doesn’t have a consistent group of carriers to choose from to move their freight
  • A carrier delivered a load and has an empty truck available

As you can see, there are many situations where a load board is beneficial to use. Using a load board doesn’t just benefit the shipper, but it can also assist the carrier as well.

For more information on load boards, please contact us.

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