Use Freight Brokers To Get Your Shipment On Time

Need peace of mind that your shipments will get where it needs to go on time? Use the trucking industry’s “middleman,” also known as a freight broker. Freight brokers act as the intermediary between shippers and carriers to connect freight that needs to be transported by carriers with extra space.

Freight brokers take on the responsibility of coordinating efficient shipments – helping shippers find reliable carriers and carriers fill empty trucks with new shipments. They also track incoming and outgoing freight from shipment to delivery, including airline, train and truck shipments.

They work as price negotiators between shippers and carriers to ensure both parties are getting the best price with on-time delivery. When they set up shipments, they are also responsible for recording dimensions, type and weight of freight.

Freight brokers ensure shipment is received on time for the best price using new technologies and equipment that provides accurate tracking and performance analytics.

Lastly, freight brokers provide supply chain flexibility to create a shipper/carrier partnership to work around busy periods with tight capacity and scale back during slow periods.

As a freight broker, we book truckload and LTL shipments to get the best rates available as well as track freight enroute to its destination. Using a freight broker also puts you in the hands of carriers with appropriate insurance coverages to match your business’ needs.

If you are interested in using a freight broker, contact us.

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