Trucking Trend: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Earlier this year, Toyota announced its plan to build a fleet of heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered trucks and now a concept version of that truck is running short-haul routes in California.  

This zero-emission class 8 truck concept has completed more than 4,000 successful development miles, while pulling drayage-rated cargo weight and emitting nothing but water vapor, according to Toyota. This truck will be going through practice routes from select Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals to surrounding rail yards and warehouses beginning this month. The truck is predicted to be able to travel 200 miles per fill under normal operation and produce more than 670 horsepower and 1,325-pound feet of torque. In comparison, the average semi truck offers 325-505 horsepower, 1,150-1,860-pound feet of torque and over 1,000 miles per tank.

This is another step in Toyota’s mission to create more zero-emission fuel cell technology that can serve a variety of industries. Its first hydrogen-powered vehicle was the Mirai, which was unveiled in 2014. Toyota also plans to have a hydrogen-powered bus available in Tokyo in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Now that they’ve included semi trucks, this could be the beginning of a big change for the trucking industry.

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(Image via Toyota)

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