Trucking And The Holidays

The holiday season is the busiest time for most truckers. Although most over-the-road truckers are used to being away from home for long periods of time, December can be a trying time. For some, being away during the busy holiday season is difficult because they cannot spend time with their loved ones.

Why The Holidays Are A Busy Time For Truckers

Poor weather conditions are one reason truckers may not be able to get home for the holidays. Icy or snow-covered roads mean slower driving conditions. Unfortunately, drivers can’t plan for inclement weather. Winter weather can change in an instant, and no matter how much planning is done, drivers could get stuck in a storm and miss time at home.

Trucks are always vulnerable to a breakdown, especially in colder weather. A stop puts drivers behind schedule. Like winter weather, these breakdowns can’t be predicted. Truckers should take extra precautions in the winter to keep their trucks safe and prevent breakdowns.

Trucking hours of service laws dictate how many hours a trucker can drive in a day. Even though truckers have to follow these rules year-round, time can be more pressing during the holidays. Since there are more deliveries and pick-ups happening this time of year, delays are more likely. If the load a driver is picking up takes four hours longer than it should and the driver needed those four hours to get home, the driver must take the mandatory 10-hour break before they can drive again. Delays push everything behind schedule, even time at home.

Tips For Dealing With Being Away From Home During The Holidays

Being away from home during the holidays can be difficult. To get through the time away from loved ones, drivers should focus on being thankful for a job and looking forward to upcoming vacations. Typically, after the new year, trucking demand slows down and drivers can plan to spend more time at home come January.

Since drivers are busy in December, it is difficult to buy holiday gifts. Online shopping is great way to get gifts wherever drivers are. Drivers can even ship presents to loved ones directly. Drivers can also purchase gifts from the unique places they drive through.

The internet is more than just a way to get holiday shopping done. It is a great means of communication for truckers and their loved ones, too. Drivers should take time to send emails or video call their family during the holidays. Drivers can send their kids a fun holiday email each day they are gone to feel like they are taking part in the festivities, too.

If you see a trucker this holiday season, take some time to thank them for what they do. Spending time away from home is difficult. Sharing a smile and happy holiday wishes with a driver can go a long way!

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