Trucking And Sustainability

When you think of trucking, the first word that pops into your head probably isn’t sustainability. However, these days trucking companies strive to create sustainable transportation and supply chain solutions.

Sustainable Trucks

Today trucks are more fuel efficient and sustainable than ever before. Tractors and trailers are being designed to be aerodynamic to decrease fuel usage.

There are also tire designs available that increase fuel efficiency. Low rolling resistance tires reduce friction between the roadway and the tire to decrease fuel consumption. Single-wide tires offer weight savings to save on fuel. Tire pressure monitoring systems can also be installed to monitor tire pressure. Tires that have the correct tire pressure are more fuel efficient.

Engine type can make a big difference for fuel efficiency as well. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than gasoline engines. Today diesel engines produce 60 to 99 percent fewer emissions than earlier versions of diesel engines.

Sustainable Driving

Truck drivers are a key part of sustainability in the trucking industry. Truckers can help contribute to trucking sustainability by adjusting their driving practices.

Truckers who maintain a high, but not maximum, average speed save fuel. It’s also recommended that truckers use cruise control to maintain a steady speed.

Minimizing idling time can increase fuel efficiency. An idling truck can consume approximately one gallon of fuel per hour. Idling trucks also increase air and noise pollution.

Sustainable Supply Chains

In order to have a sustainable supply chain, companies must plan and communicate goals to everyone involved. Evaluate the current supply chain to see how sustainable it is and where improvements can be made. Even implementing energy-efficient lighting at the warehouse facility can improve sustainability. Also, plan out recycling programs and shifting transportation modes to obtain the most sustainable supply chain.

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