Truck Driver Tips For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a busy time for traveling with many people driving out of town to enjoy a relaxing three-day weekend. This weekend also marks the beginning of summer travel, which means roads are going to be more crowded. Use these driving tips to stay safe on busy roads and highways this summer.

  1. Don’t get distracted

No matter what time of year you’re driving, you should stay focused on the road ahead. Don’t let common distractions come between you and the road.

  1. Inspect your truck

With every season change you should be getting a full vehicle inspection to make sure your truck is ready for whatever the weather throws your way. Before you leave, check your truck’s tire pressure, fluid levels, belts, hoses and brakes. Summer’s hot temperatures can even lead to brake fading or the loss of friction, which makes frequent brake inspections even more important.

  1. Leave enough space

It takes a semi traveling 55 miles per hour the length of a football field to come to a complete stop, which means it is important to keep a safe following distance even when roads are more crowded.

  1. Be aware of bad weather

Thunderstorms and tornadoes pose dangerous driving conditions because of heavy rain and high winds. Watch weather reports and prepare for storms accordingly.

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