Transportation Trends For 2019

The new year provides a great opportunity to look at what’s ahead for the transportation industry. Last year a few of our predictions were correct, so we’re back again to see what the transportation trends of 2019 could include.

Driver Shortage Will Continue
Industry experts predict the driver shortage will continue with older drivers retiring and few young drivers left to take their place. This means there could also be fewer trucks on the road, which would have a negative effect on the economy and other industries.

Trucking Technology
Each year new technologies are developed and break into the world of trucking. This year the industry will most likely be embracing apps that match companies with shippers in their market. Autonomous and electric trucks will also continue to be on major focus to combat the driver shortage and address environmental concerns.

ELDs And Data Collection
Now that most drivers are using electronic logging devices, we’ll be able to learn from the data and hopefully help solve some pain points. For example, companies will be able to see which roads make better time and plan accordingly for future routes.

Work-Life Balance For Drivers
To appeal to a younger generation of truckers, many companies will provide better opportunities for work-life balance. The trucking industry can be intimidating to many millennials because of the long hours on the road, so different work shifts and benefits could make a huge difference.

Economic Effects
The economy was strong in 2018, but it’s predicted to slow down in 2019. One reason for this is the fuel prices and tariff increases between the U.S. and China.

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