Top Supply Chain Trends You Should Know

Technology is constantly evolving to make logistics more efficient and affordable. Learn about the most recent supply chain trends affecting the trucking industry.

1. Autonomous Fleet
There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about self-driving vehicles and drones, and how they could affect the trucking industry. Amazon was one of the first companies to announce they would be using drones as part of their delivery service. There is a real possibility that autonomous trucks will be widely used by 2030.

2. Data Becomes Biggest Influencer
In the past, fuel has had the biggest influence on the assets and fleets of the industry but, in the future, the most influential factor could be data. Predictive analytics use data mining, statistics and past data to determine what the future will hold. This type of data is helping create a more accurate forecast at all points of the supply chain.

3. E-Brokerage Platforms
E-brokerage platforms, often referred to as the Uber of the trucking industry, could have a huge impact. This type of platform would make it easier to communicate between processes using mobile apps. Mobile-based freight brokers are expected to develop in-house software solutions by creating partnerships with traditional freight brokers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and telematics providers to apply these changes.

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