Top 5 Emerging Trucking Technologies

Technology is rapidly changing and affecting the transportation and trucking industries. Learn about five emerging trucking technologies:

1. Predictive Analytics

More technologies used in trucks will allow trucking companies to use technology-based analytics to make more accurate predictions about future events. With technology advancements, trucking companies are able to gather data from trucks. The data gathered can help develop safety, fuel efficiency, customer service and driver productivity enhancements.

2. Platooning Trucks

Peloton Technology developed a two-truck platooning system for trucks. The platooning technology allows two trucks to travel closer together than would normally be safe. The system combines radar, intelligent braking and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Two trucks traveling close together can reduce drag and save fuel. In a test, Peloton says they achieved 10% improvement in fuel efficiency in the following truck and 4.5% increase in fuel efficiency for the front truck.

3. 360-Degree Technology

Volvo Trucks introduced a 360-degree safety technology for trucks. A camera scans the environment around a truck to warn drivers when collisions are imminent and helps prevent accidents. This technology isn’t commercially available yet, but it is set to be on the market in the next five to 10 years.

4. Forward-Facing Cameras

Some trucking fleets are installing forward-facing cameras to help understand trucker driving habits. For example, cameras can help explain why a driver did a hard stop or why a truck was swaying. The forward-facing cameras can be a great teaching tool for drivers, and they could also help defend a trucking company in court. If there is an accident with no witnesses, forward-facing cameras could provide evidence to help protect the trucking company and driver.

5. Electronic Roll Stability

Electronic roll stability is a technology designed to increase driver safety. It applies brakes on the tractor and trailer to help regain control. The computerized technology applies the trailer’s brakes during dangerous maneuvers, like going around a sharp curve, to keep the trailer from rolling over and pulling the tractor with it.

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