Tips To Safely Drive Through Diverging Diamond Interchanges

A diverging diamond interchange recently opened in Appleton, which makes it the first one in Northeast Wisconsin. While this interchange has its advantages, it will take some getting used to for many local drivers. Use these tips to safely drive through diverging diamond interchanges.

How To Navigate A Diverging Diamond Interchange

  • Follow the signs, signals and road markings to cross through the intersection at the first set of traffic lights. Traffic will look like it does on a one-way street.
  • All left turns onto the freeway are free flowing, which means vehicles do not have to stop to access the ramp.
  • Vehicles going straight simply proceed through a second set of traffic lights.
  • Pedestrians travel on designated walkways and cross only in crosswalks.
  • Bicyclists may choose to use the bike lane or pedestrian walkways and crosswalks.

What Are The Benefits Of Diverging Diamond Interchanges?

  • Reduces the number of ways vehicles can collide
  • Accommodates more traffic than conventional designs
  • Easy to navigate with overhead signs, road markings and traffic signals
  • Adds accommodation for large trucks, pedestrians and bicycles

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