Tips To Keep Your Semi Running In Cold Weather

No matter how much you prepare for winter, there are still things that go wrong with your vehicle. It’s important to keep an eye on parts of your truck that could be affected by the cold weather. Keep your semi running in winter with these tips.

Make sure you are getting correctly blended fuel to prevent waxing, and carry fuel additives for when temperatures drop below 20℉.

Block Heater
Plug in your block heater, even when it feels warm enough outside, and keep idle time to a minimum.

Cooling System
Your semi’s cooling system should be frequently inspected, even in winter. The cold weather can cause hoses to shrink, which creates potential for leaks. Make sure you are inspecting and testing coolant, checking the integrity of all belts and hoses, looking for leaks and replacing the coolant filter as necessary.

Cold weather can have a negative effect on batteries, even if they are brand new. To prevent getting stranded because of a dead battery, it’s a good idea to check your battery’s charge status, tighten the battery connections and look for corrosion.

Emergency Kit
No matter how prepared you are and how many inspections you perform, things can still go wrong. We suggest keeping an emergency kit in your cab for these moments. It should have items like emergency flares, windshield scraper, tool kit, jumper cables, first-aid kit, flashlights, shovel, bottled water and extra winter clothes.

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