Tips For Driving In Extreme Winter Conditions

Driving during winter in the Midwest can be dangerous even with the most experienced driver, but it helps to be as prepared as possible. Stay safe by using these tips for driving in extreme winter conditions.

Slow Down
If roads aren’t ideal for traveling, it’s important to slow down. Many accidents happen when people drive too fast for the conditions. Driving the speed limit might be legal, but it is often too fast for icy or snowy roads. Remember to take your time, and stay calm.

Keep A Safe Following Distance
Along with driving at a slower speed, you should also keep a safe following distance from vehicles you’re behind. If the vehicle in front of you needs to stop suddenly, you will want enough time to safely come to a stop as well.

Don’t Stop On The Shoulder
If you need to stop for any reason, try to make it to a rest stop, especially in low visibility situations. Other vehicles might not be able to see your semi and will crash into the back of your rig.

Keep Lights Clean
It’s important to keep your lights clean so you can see and be seen. Make sure to clear all ice and snow from your headlights and taillights before hitting the road. You should also check them before heading out and replace them as soon as you notice one is out.

Brake Smart
Braking can be difficult when roads are covered in ice. Do not use the jake brake on icy roads. Additionally, try to avoid overusing your foot brake, unless your entire truck is absolutely straight on the road. When it isn’t straight, the trailer can slide and spin you out of your position.

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