Supply Chain Sustainability Tips

Maintaining a sustainable supply chain is crucial to success in the transportation industry. This article highlights a few tips for supply chain sustainability, as well as information on how to implement these tips.

• Communication

First and foremost, communication is the key to any strategy’s success especially one that is so important, like sustainability. It is important to have set expectations for the sustainability strategy and to make sure these are communicated with all members of the organization and supply chain.

• Evaluation

Evaluation of your current practices will help you to better understand how sustainable your organization is currently and what you need to do reach your sustainability goals.

Make sure to look at each step of the supply chain and evaluate it individually as well how it impacts and fits into the overall process.

• Plan

Once everyone in the organization understands the goals and the supply chain has been evaluated, it is important to put a plan together. The plan should include the findings from the evaluation process, goals, and strategies to reengineer and optimize the current supply chain.

Some items to consider when creating the plan include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Recycling programs
  • Shifting transportation modes

Make sure to consider the resources needed to carry out the plan successfully.

• Implement and Manage

Once the plan is set, it should be implemented and managed. Managing efficiently includes evaluating the warehouses and distribution centers as well as the transportation process.

• Measure Success and Adapt

As with any strategy or plan, it is important to go back and measure the success (or failure) of the plan after a period of time has passed. Even more important is adjusting the plan or strategy to always keep improving.

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