Spring Driving Tips For Truckers

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to brush up on your driving skills for this time of year. It’s important to stay prepared with all the things that come with warmer weather like rain, construction and sun glare.

You’re probably used to driving in snow, but rain can have its own set of dangers. Roads are the most slippery when it first begins to rain. Stay safe by slowing down and increasing your following distance to give yourself enough time to stop if necessary.

Spring in the Midwest also signifies the beginning of construction season. When driving through these zones, make sure you are:

  • Being Attentive — watch out for construction workers and equipment
  • Following The Signs — traffic patterns may be altered to accommodate for the construction; follow signs that will alert you to lane closures, alternative routes and more
  • Making Safe Lane Changes — check your blind spot before changing lanes, and don’t change lanes if there is a solid line in a construction zone
  • Slowing Down — fines can double in construction zones, so make sure you are going the correct speed limit

Sun Glare
The change in season also means more hours of daylight. It’s important to be aware of sun glare and combate it by always keeping a pair of sunglasses handy. It can also help to ensure your windshield is clean, and use lane markers to help guide you.

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