How To Recruit And Keep Truckers

It’s no secret there is a truck driver shortage in the U.S. According to the American Trucking Associations’ 2015 truck driver shortage analysis, the truck driver shortage was 38,000 people in 2014. Since the report was published, that number has grown even more.

Many trucking companies are faced with an aging workforce and difficulties finding qualified drivers. Learn how to recruit qualified drivers and keep them:

1. Offer More At-Home Time

The trucking lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Depending on schedules, truckers can be on the road for weeks at a time. Offering more at-home time can make taking a trucking job easier for some people. Plus, more at-home time keeps drivers from burning out and leaving the industry to pursue another career.

2. Pay Increases

Truck drivers can earn a good living. With the shortage, wages are rising even more to help attract more drivers. Consider offering increased pay to attract and retain more drivers. Sign-on bonuses are also beneficial to attract more applicants.

3. Promote A Positive Trucker Image

Unfortunately, the truck driver image isn’t always portrayed in a positive light. Show the true profile of a trucker by featuring your drivers in marketing and recruiting materials. It can be as simple as a driver profile posted on the trucking company’s Facebook page. Anything that shows the diversity and benefits of becoming a truck driver for your company will help recruit more quality drivers.

4. Provide Drivers With What They Want

Before you plan a company change that will affect the drivers, ask them what they want. Send out a survey, or just have a quick conversation with your drivers. Gathering their insight before you make any major changes will make them feel more invested in the company and less likely to leave. If you act on driver suggestions, they will feel like their voices are being heard.

Making simple changes can help attract more drivers to your company. Fostering a positive work environment will help keep those drivers. Need some help getting started? Check out these benefits of becoming a truck driver. They are a great starting point to explaining truck driver benefits to potential applicants.

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