Private Fleets vs. Dedicated Fleets

As a shipper, there are many differences between owning a private fleet and using a dedicated fleet. If you are wondering what the best solution for your company is keep reading.

Private Fleets

First off, what are private fleets? Private fleets are trucking operations that are operated by a specific corporation whose primary business purpose isn’t trucking. These companies still rely heavily on trucking in their operations. Those who choose to own a private fleet should consider the cost factors associated with owning a private fleet along with the demand of trucking within the organization.

Some of the cost factors we assess when helping determine whether a private fleet is for you include:

  • Tractor/trailer utilization
  • Driver utilization and pay
  • Maintenance costs
  • Buying vs. leasing
  • Fuel consumption and purchasing strategies

Private fleets are a great solution for many companies, but they aren’t the only choice when it comes to shipping.

Dedicated Fleets

A dedicated fleet is owned by a company that focuses on trucking. A dedicated fleet is a group of tractors, trailers, drivers and other resources that are assigned to carry out shipping operations for a facility or transportation network. Using a dedicated fleet can be useful in industries with fluctuating demand or those that need specialized equipment. Also, many companies prefer using a dedicated fleet vs. owning a private fleet because it frees up their personnel and money that is focused on shipping so they can direct those resources towards other company objectives.

To learn more about the benefits of using a dedicated fleet check out this blog article.

Overall, the decision to choose a private fleet or a dedicated fleet depends on your company’s needs and what your company can afford. We recommend taking a look at the cost elements of running your own fleet versus outsourcing to a common carrier. Contact us for more information.

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