Popular New Year’s Resolutions For Truckers

A new year means it’s time to set new goals. It can be difficult to decide exactly what you want to improve or change, so we’ve put together a list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for truckers.

Put Safety First

The new year is a great time to refocus on safety precautions. Make it a point to leave early so you always have time to slow down for any unexpected road or weather conditions. You should also make sure your emergency kit is fully stocked for anything that comes your way.

Inspect Your Vehicle Regularly

Another thing you can aim to do in 2019 is keep your vehicle maintained. It’s important to regularly inspect your vehicle’s tire pressure and fluid levels, even if it seems tedious. These things can cause breakdowns that can easily be avoided.

Get More Sleep

If holiday stress kept you up at night, now is the time to turn things around. Create a bedtime routine that will properly prepare you for going to sleep. Being well rested is essential to staying safe on the road. Driving when you’re sleep deprived can be just as dangerous as driving drunk.

Commit To Being Healthy

Another great way to start the year is to commit to being healthier. This could include making healthier food choices and incorporating easy exercises into your routine. The beginning of the year is also flu season, so staying on top of your wellness by washing your hands is also important.

Cut Down On Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on your work life and can even seep into your personal life. If 2018 was a stressful year for you, it might be time to find relief using methods like meditation, exercise or a new hobby.

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