November 2015 Logistics Updates

Information sources: Georgia Innovation, Cleveland Research and Morgan Stanley

Each month we review the logistics trends from previous months. Looking at trends helps us predict what may happen in the future and prepare for what is to come. Take a look at our update for November 2015:


From October 2014 to October 2015, the total rail carloads decreased 6.9%. Intermodal rail traffic in October 2015 was also lower year over year. The average railroad fuel prices in September 2015 were down 0.7% from August 2015 and 44.1% lower year over year.

More U.S. shippers are choosing to shift freight from truck to rail transportation due to improved intermodal services.



Trucking capacity increased 6% in October 2015 and 16% year over year. Diesel prices fell to $2.48 per gallon at the end of October in the U.S. The trucking workforce increased by 400 employees in October 2015, bringing the workforce to 1,454,600 total employees. The workforce has increased by 1.96% over the previous year.


Ocean Freight

In September 2015, U.S. container ports handled 1.62 million TEUs, or Twenty-foot Equivalent Units. TEUs are how a ship’s cargo carrying capacity is measured. This was a 2.2% increase from the same month in 2014. However, it was a 3.5% decrease from August 2015.

The Port of Savannah had record-breaking container traffic in September. This port is one of the top 10 fastest growing ports in the world.

Shipping freight

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