New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Truckers

People always want to make the new year better than the last, but it can be difficult to decide exactly what you should commit to, so we’ve come up with a few new year’s resolution ideas for truckers.

    1. One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to create healthier routines, whether that’s eating better, exercising more or a combination of the two. For truckers, both of these things can be a struggle, but there are a few ways to fit easy exercises into your daily life and many go-to healthy snacks instead of fast food.
    2. Another popular resolution is making time for new hobbies or old interests you’ve forgotten about. The key to this resolution is setting aside a specific time to do these activities. If you want to read more, wake up 15-20 minutes earlier to enjoy a few pages before work or start listening to audiobooks while driving. If you want to learn a new language set aside a specific time of the week to teach yourself, or enroll in a course. There any many helpful apps for this, like Duolingo.
    3. Many people also resolve to be more efficient and organized in the new year. This can be as simple as getting a planner and sitting down to actually use it. If you’re always late or forgetting about appointments, this is a great tool.
    4. As a trucker, it can be difficult to get on a regular sleep schedule, so you could make a resolution to get more sleep and be more energized in 2018. There are many apps and techniques to help you get started with this goal.
    5. Another great resolution for truckers is to keep your truck clean. Set aside time every week to make sure things are in order and there isn’t any garbage lying around. A clean space will create a more positive environment, no matter where the road leads.

Improve your health and wellness as a trucker with these additional tips:

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