Logistics Trends Update

Each month we review the trends from the previous months and predict trends for the future. Take a look at this month’s update:

Rail Trends

The number of total carloads for U.S. freight rail traffic decreased in August 2015 by 4.6% from August 2014. However, the weekly average total carloads for August 2015 were the highest they have been since January 2015. Intermodal rail traffic was higher year-over-year in August 2015. The last week of August 2015 was the highest volume intermodal week in history. The peak intermodal season begins in September and October, so the record will most likely be broken again soon.

Truckload Trends

The spot market for truckload freight decreased by 7.7% in August 2015 compared to the previous month. Year-over-year the spot market for truckload freight was 42% lower. However, trucking capacity increased 32% year-over-year. The seasonally adjusted cargo index increased by 2.8% in July 2015, the second highest level on record, according to the American Trucking Association. In August 2015, the average price of diesel in the U.S. was $1.28 lower than August 2014.

Ocean Freight Trends

In August 2015, U.S. imports from China reached the highest volume for a single month in history. The imports from China accounted for 49% of all U.S. imports in the month of August. According to Zepol, many businesses have switched from using Pacific to Atlantic and Gulf ports this year.

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