Keep These Four Things In Your Truck In Winter

Driving in winter is considerably more dangerous than it is in summer. There are many risks such as ice, snow and sleet. Stay prepared for the harsh weather by keeping these four things in your truck in winter.

Extra Winter Wear
You may not want to wear a bulky coat or big winter boots while you’re behind the wheel, but it’s important to still bring them, along with hats, mittens and scarves. There’s a higher chance you’ll have to stop and wait for bad weather to pass in winter, and it’s important that you’re warm. You might even find yourself stranded, and you’ll be glad to have those spare winter items.

Keeping an emergency shovel in your truck can help you get out of snow-related jams so you aren’t left stranded because of a snowbank.

In winter there is considerably less daylight, which means bad weather is also more likely to happen when it’s dark out. If you get stuck, you’ll want to have flashlights and/or emergency lights to see and be seen.

Emergency Battery Pack
Even if you have your phone with you, it won’t do any good if the battery dies. The best thing to do is keep a backup battery pack in your truck to recharge your devices when you can’t use your truck’s power.

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