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by planetfreight | Jul 19th, 2017 | no responses |

Truckers drive thousands of miles a year, making truck breakdowns inevitable. However, there are a few things truckers can do to help prevent them.

1. Test The Tires

At least once a week, check the tire pressure in all tires on the truck. Underinflated tires can lower your fuel milage and…

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by planetfreight | Jul 12th, 2017 | no responses |

Tight deadlines mean more time behind the wheel and less time to rest for many commercial truck drivers. The result is sleep-deprived drivers on the highway. According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sleep deprivation is a factor in almost 100,000 motor vehicle accidents and…

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by planetfreight | Jul 05th, 2017 | no responses |

Technology advancements in the supply chain are making logistics faster, more efficient, more accurate and cheaper. Learn about three supply chain trends affecting our industry:

1. Automation

Driverless trucks will continue to be developed. Automation is also being introduced into warehouses to reduce the number of workers. According to

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by planetfreight | Jun 28th, 2017 | no responses |

Each month we report the latest industry trends to help us plan for the future. Take a look at the latest transportation industry trends:

U.S. Trucking

The American Trucking Associations’ truck tonnage index was down 1.8% year over year in April 2017. The truck tonnage index measures…

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by planetfreight | Jun 21st, 2017 | no responses |

Icy, snowy roads in the winter pose an obvious risk for truck drivers, but summer can also be a challenging time to hit the roads. More construction, more people driving and no school lead to congested roads and highways packed with risks. Plus, the hot weather can take a…

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by planetfreight | Jun 14th, 2017 | no responses |

Third-party logistics (often abbreviated 3PL) providers are outsourced logistics providers that work with businesses to help manage and move freight. They help businesses streamline their supply chains.

3PL providers help with a variety of shipping services, including transportation and freight management, warehousing, distribution management and freight consolidation. Read why you…

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by planetfreight | Jun 07th, 2017 | no responses |

Trucking is a complex and interesting industry. We’ve compiled a list of 10 trucking industry facts to help you understand it better:

1. Truck drivers are three times less likely to be involved in a traffic accident compared to car drivers.

2. Truckers who drive 65 miles per hour use 27…

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by planetfreight | May 24th, 2017 | no responses |

From trucking to ocean freight, transportation industry trends are ever-changing. Monitoring current transportation trends helps us predict and prepare for the industry’s future.

U.S. Trucking

The U.S. truck tonnage index measures the gross tonnage of freight transported by motor carriers for a given month. It is used by analysts to help…

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by planetfreight | May 17th, 2017 | no responses |

Freight brokers act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers to connect freight that needs to be transported with carriers who have extra space. Read five reasons why you need a freight broker:

1. Freight brokers work with a variety of shipping methods

Freight brokers help get freight of all sizes to…

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by planetfreight | May 10th, 2017 | no responses |

According to a recent report from logistics and supply chain association MHI, digital supply chains that are always “on” will be predominant worldwide within the next five years. If supply chains go digital, trucking will need to go digital, too. Is…

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