How Other Shipping Methods Work With Trucking

The world is more connected today than ever before. We can order something online and have it in our hands the next day. We send a package to our friend on the other side of the country, and they receive it in days. This is all possible because of the intricate web of logistics and shipping. Each shipping method works together to get freight to its destination on time. Learn more about how shipping methods work with trucking.

Ground Shipping

Ground shipping methods include rail and trucking. Ground transportation is usually responsible for taking freight from its place of origin (e.g., factory, post office, house, etc.) to the airport, seaport or other destinations in the same country. Ground transportation methods are crucial because they connect all other forms of shipping together. It usually isn’t possible to have a production facility near a port, so trucks are necessary to deliver the shipment to the port. Ground transportation is also responsible for picking up a shipment at a port and delivering to its next destination.

Ground Shipping Method

International Shipping

International shipping is usually done by ship or airplane. Ships carry nearly all of the international shipments from country to country. Air is typically the most expensive shipping method, but it is also the fastest option. With sea and air transport, trucks are also needed to move the cargo to and from the port. However, in some cases, barges can carry cargo through rivers and lakes inland to deliver a product to a port closer to its destination.

Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal shipping refers to shipping that uses more than one mode to deliver cargo to its destination. A lot of shipments use intermodal shipping because it provides cost-effective transportation solutions.

International shipping

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers hold freight in one uniform size package, making it easier to transport. Shipping containers are an important part of intermodal shipping because they make the freight easy to move among ship, rail and truck.

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