Freight Index Updates

We review current shipping, freight and trucking trends each month. Keep reading to learn about the latest freight index updates.

For the first time in 10 months, the truckload freight index was weaker compared to seasonality. Truckload freight index measures the amount of truckload freight transported over a period of time. Demand and supply softness is adding to the downward pressure.

Truckload demand and supply components underperformed seasonality as well. The truckload demand decreased while supply expanded. The magnitude of truckload demand underperformance was larger than that of truckload supply.

Reefer and flatbed indices also declined sequentially and underperformed seasonality over the same period. Both of these indices are also below 2015 levels.

Even though the freight index has declined, its nine consecutive out-performances were impressive. The length of the streak helped create positive third-quarter numbers.

The straight line forecast for the truckload freight index is above 2015 levels and in line with 2009 levels. The seasonality implies that the index will trend sideways without any pronounced upticks for the rest of the year.

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