Four Emerging Trucking Technologies in 2018

Technology changes at a rapid pace and affects the transportation and trucking industries. Learn about four emerging trucking technologies in 2018:

Electric Trucks

Many people had their doubts about electric trucks coming to fruition, but it looks like Tesla’s electric-powered trucks are racing onto the market with charging stations being built as early as 2019.

Truck Platooning

Truck platooning is a method of grouping vehicles to increase the capacity of roads. Platoons decrease the distance between cars or trucks using electronic coupling. It is predicted that the first truck platooning technology by Peloton Technology will go on the market later this year. It could be a gamechanger for companies looking to maximize fuel economy.

Autonomous Vehicles

A few truck original equipment manufacturers could be coming out with new autonomous vehicle technology that would eventually extend to the trucking industry.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is already changing the way carriers and their drivers use their time. In the future, Uber Freight could give local haul carriers and drivers the flexibility to move a higher volume of freight within their working hours than they are able to today.

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