Fact or Fiction?: LTL Shipping

There are a variety of misconceptions about LTL shipping. We’re here to help clear up those myths and set the record straight. Continue reading to learn more about LTL Shipping.

LTL Shipping

First off, what is LTL shipping? Many people may not even know what LTL shipping is or what it is used for. LTL shipping, less than truckload shipping, is used when shipping smaller amounts of freight. If what you are shipping won’t fill a whole truck, LTL shipping may be the perfect solution.

With LTL shipping you share a truck with other shipper’s smaller sized shipments. Below we clear up some of the common misconceptions about LTL shipping.

1. Expensive

Some people may think that LTL shipping is more expensive than other methods of shipment. However, that is far from the truth. LTL shipping is actually very cost effective. Since you split the truck with other shippers you split the cost of the truck with them too, saving you money.

2. Slow

You may think that since there are a variety of shipments on one truck that it will take longer to get your load delivered; however, the opposite is actually true. Since the shipments on the truck are smaller with LTL shipping there are actually fewer logistical challenges to deal with when getting the freight delivered on time.

3. Not Popular

LTL shipping is very popular. The industry is growing every year. Currently the LTL industry is estimated to be about $30 billion.

If you ship smaller loads LTL shipping may be the best solution for you. For more information on LTL shipping, contact us.

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