Fact or Fiction?: Intermodal Shipping

There are many different misconceptions about intermodal shipping that people believe, when in fact, these are myths. We’re here to separate the truth from the myths. Keep reading to learn more about the truth about intermodal shipping.

1. Unreliable

Many people think that shipping via intermodal is unreliable because of the unpredictability of rail. In the past, shipping by rail was unreliable at times. Today, the technology has advanced and rail is one of the most reliable shipping methods. Most intermodal shipments have a high percentage of on-time deliveries.

2. Tracking Issues

Again, in the past, there were tracking issues for rail shipments. Now with the advancements in technology many intermodal containers have tracking devices built in. Some can even give you up to the minute updates on the location of your freight. There is no longer any need to worry about where your freight is.

3. Damage

Some people believe that their freight is more susceptible to damage when shipping via rail. Today there are more tools available to make sure your freight is protected. As long as your shipment is properly blocked and braced there should not be any damage to it. It has been proven that the ride quality in a train is very similar to the ride in a truck on a highway.

Overall the truth is that intermodal shipping has greatly improved in recent years. Intermodal shipping is one of the most dependable ways to ship freight. As driver shortages are increasing, think about using intermodal shipping for some of your freight shipment needs.

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