Easy Ways For Truckers To Relieve Stress

Truck driving can be just as stressful as any other job, but there are many ways to help you manage that tension. Take a look at a few easy ways for truckers to relieve stress.

According to Psychology Today, meditation and mindfulness are great tools to relieve stress. When you have a few minutes before bed, or at a rest stop, simply close your eyes and focus attention on your breath and on how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath. Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods. If you have trouble clearing your mind on your own, there are also apps or podcasts to help.

There are many sources that have proven the benefits of exercise for stress management. It doesn’t have to be as intense as training for a marathon, instead it can be as simple as a 30 minute walk every day, or a few 10 minute walks throughout the day. Exercise improves your mood, releases endorphins and can be an active form of meditation. As a truck driver, there are a few quick and easy workouts you can fit into your routine.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to find benefits from journaling. Jotting down your thoughts at the end of the day can help release your stress. It doesn’t have to be a novel, just write a few things about your day. There are many journaling methods you can use, but there’s no right or wrong way to write. Simply do what works best for you.

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