An Easy Way to Find Trucking Loads

At times, for many truckers, it can be difficult to find loads to carry. If you don’t have relationships with direct shippers already, a trucking load board is a great option to help you find loads.

What is a Load Board?

A load board, also known as a freight board, is a matching system found online that helps connect shippers with freight brokers to deliver their products. A load board allows the shippers and the freight brokers to find each other and work together to move the freight.

Planet Freight’s Load Board

Planet Freight offers a free load board to those looking to carry loads or freight. Our load board is updated every five minutes to ensure the most recent information is readily available.

Each load board can contain different information. Our load board contains the following information:

  • The load pick up date
  • The date the load needs to be delivered by
  • The origin of the load
  • The destination of where the load needs to be delivered to
  • Any requested equipment that will be needed
  • The weight of the load
  • The length of the load
  • Any other important information that will be needed

Below is what our load board looks like:

Load Board
To use our load board all you have to do is create an account with a username and password. Our load board is free so there is no fee associated with using it.

You can access our load board here at any time.

Have questions about our trucking load board? Contact us.

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