A Day In The Life Of A Trucker

When people think of truck drivers, most of the time they think of a person sitting and driving all day. While driving is a large part of the job, truckers do more than just sit behind the wheel.


Before a truck driver starts on his or her route, they must inspect the truck and trailer. If the driver notices anything out of the ordinary, he or she will have to resolve the issue before setting out for the day.

Many drivers also check the weather, road conditions and construction news before leaving. They also need to plan for fuel stops and weigh stations. Knowing what to expect before leaving makes for a smoother travel experience.

Before the trucker can start driving, he or she needs to start the electronic log. Once the log is started, truck drivers have a limited number of hours they can drive, according to hours of service laws.

Once everything is set with the truck and trailer, the driver will start driving to a shipper or receiver to pick up or drop off a load.

Inspections and Deliveries

Drivers will typically take a few stops a day to stretch their legs, fill up with fuel, use the bathroom and eat. Driving hundreds of miles a day can take a toll on the vehicle, so truck drivers usually inspect them during stops.

During the day, truckers will also inspect freight loads, fix equipment if needed and make deliveries.

As truck drivers near the end of their day, they need to keep an eye on their driving logs to make sure they are on track and won’t go over the hours of service limit.

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