Load Board

by Planet Freight | Aug 05th, 2015 | no responses |

A load board is a useful tool for both shippers and carriers. Load boards help shippers and carriers find loads of freight to carry or ship all over the country. Learn how using a load board will save you time:


Load boards make carriers more efficient by offering…

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by Planet Freight | May 27th, 2015 | no responses |

Load boards are an efficient and easy way to connect shippers with carriers (and vice versa). There are many benefits to using a freight load board. Here are the top seven reasons to use a load board:

1. Easy-to-use. Load boards typically display all the information you will need in…

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by Planet Freight | Feb 25th, 2015 | no responses |

Load boards are an efficient tool for connecting shippers with carriers. An online load board allows the shippers and carriers to access up to the minute information wherever there is internet available.

This article explains how to use a load board as well…

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by Planet Freight | Dec 23rd, 2014 | no responses |

At times, for many truckers, it can be difficult to find loads to carry. If you don’t have relationships with direct shippers already, a trucking load board is a great option to help you find loads.

What is a Load Board?

A load board, also known as a freight board, is…

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