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The world is more connected today than ever before. We can order something online and have it in our hands the next day. We send a package to our friend on the other side of the country, and they receive it in days. This is all possible because of…

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Intermodal shipping is the shipment of freight using multiple modes of transportation including rail, ship and truck. It has a wide range of benefits and is a great solution for many businesses. However, intermodal shipping doesn’t work in all situations. Below are a few ways to tell…

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There are many different misconceptions about intermodal shipping that people believe, when in fact, these are myths. We’re here to separate the truth from the myths. Keep reading to learn more about the truth about intermodal shipping.

1. Unreliable

Many people think that shipping via intermodal is unreliable…

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Intermodal shipping is one of the fastest growing forms of transportation according to the Intermodal Association of North America. Each year, over 25 million containers of goods are moved using the intermodal shipping method.

Intermodal shipping is the transfer of goods and products using multiple modes of transportation. For example,…

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