Attracting Drivers To Trucking

As current truck drivers age, the driver shortage grows. Recently trucking companies have started incorporating new recruitment strategies to attract drivers to the industry.

Fresh recruitment tactics have been shown to attract more drivers and a diverse audience, according to a 2017 Transportation Spotlight report from HireRight.

Referrals have always been one of the top recruitment strategies for truckers, but there has been a shift away from other traditional recruitment methods, including job boards and trade publications, over the past few years.

The use of social media for recruitment in the trucking industry has increased. Many companies are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find potential employees.

Trucking companies are also turning to mobile applications and screening to make the process easier.

The graph below shows the different ways trucking companies are attracting drivers:

Trucking recruiting tactics graph

Another popular recruitment tactic for trucking companies has been to adjust benefits to reduce retirement rates of current employees and attract new drivers. Benefits include increased compensation, driver appreciation events and flexible work arrangements. These benefits are especially attractive to millennials, who are typically looking for more flexibility and time off in their careers.

A survey from Deloitte found employers who reward employees with flexibility tend to earn greater loyalty from millennial workers. The increased retention rates that come with more flexibility is a big benefit for an industry that has higher turnover rates on average.

Recruiters are also trying to change the perception of long-haul truck drivers. Many people think trucking is an unhealthy job, but with increased wellness programs at trucking companies, that perception is shifting.

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