Apple iOS 11 Features Truck Drivers Should Use

Apple is a brand known for thinking differently. Frequent operating system updates gives iPhone users the feeling of a brand new phone without having to buy one! The latest operating system, iOS 11, came out Sept. 19. Take a look at a few new features that are useful for truck drivers.

1. Do Not Disturb While Driving
Apple iOS 11 comes with a brand new feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving. This is very similar to the original Do Not Disturb mode in the control center, but with one key difference. Your iPhone can now sense when you might be driving and it will silence any alerts you might get. You can also set it up so that people trying to message you will be notified that you are driving. This is a great feature that reduces distractions while truck drivers are behind the wheel.

2. Lane Guidance
Apple has also updated its Maps app for iOS 11. Maps will now prevent you from missing a turn or exit by letting you know which lane you should be in at any given time. The app now also shows the speed limit for any road, which makes it easy to know what speed you should be going. Another added feature to the Maps app is indoor mapping. This added function will make it possible to navigate major airports and shopping centers to find exactly what you are looking for.

3. New And Improved Siri
Apple iOS 11 also updated Siri. With this new operating system, Siri sounds more human with more expressive responses and more natural voice options. You can use voice commands to ask about nearby gas stations, restaurants and more.

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