7 Trucking Safety Tips

When we look at the facts, as many as 600 truckers are killed on the job every year. These fatalities and even many injuries stem from vehicle collisions and fuel fires on the road. It is important to take extra precautions as a trucker to stay safe on the roads. Follow the trucking safety tips below to stay safe while driving.

1. Slow Driving

Sometimes it is necessary for you to drive slower than the speed limit due to bad weather or a heavy load. In these situations always use your flashers so other drivers can easily see you.

2. Signaling

Always remember to signal early enough when approaching an intersection. Signaling early ensures other motorists know which way you are planning on turning your truck.

3. Fuel

Try and keep your fuel tank full during the colder seasons. Water and condensation can build up in the fuel line and then freeze creating problems. Remember to keep an eye on the fuel level in your truck and fill up the tank often.

4. Breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks when driving. Actually get out of your truck and take a walk around too. Getting out of the truck, stretching your legs and getting some fresh air will help you to stay alert during your long drives.

5. Parking

When parking, remember to never park on roads with speed limits over 30 miles per hour, unless disabled. This helps to ensure the safety of you and other drivers on the road.

6. Blind Spots

Be aware of your blind spots. Other drivers on the roads may not be aware of the truck’s
“no zones” (areas where crashes are most likely to occur). Common “no zones” are:

  • Off to the side of the truck, just in front of the cab of the truck
  • Directly behind the truck
  • Just behind the side mirrors of the truck

If other motorists aren’t aware of these zones it can cause for dangerous situations. Unfortunately, as a truck driver, there isn’t much you can do to stop drivers from driving in these “no zones”. The best thing you can do to keep everyone safe on the roads is to exercise extreme caution when turning or changing lanes and to maintain a safe distance between you and other motor vehicles on the roads.

7. Fatigue

Beware of feeling fatigued when driving. Driving while fatigued can actually be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Ensure the safety of you and others on the roads and take breaks when you need to.

For more safety tips, see our article 5 Essential Safety Tips Every Trucker Needs to Follow. This article discusses attentiveness, road conditions, backing up, checking your truck and how to keep yourself healthy on the road.

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