5 Uncommon Road Signs

Road signs are an important part of our transportation system. They help truckers get to their destinations by offering directions, speed limits and safety precautions. Many signs truckers see hundreds of times a day (e.g., stop signs, railroad crossings, speed limits), but other signs are an uncommon sight. Have you seen these five uncommon road signs?

1. Arrows

Have you ever seen a collection of confusing arrows at an intersection? This sign is located in San Francisco, California. Do you know what it means?

Traffic sign
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Answer: The arrows on this sign match with the lanes on the road. For example, if you are in the far left lane you can only turn left. As drivers pass through the intersection they should follow the arrows and stay in the lane they started in.

2. Stop Signs

Have you ever seen contradicting stop signs in loading areas? Do you know what to do if you see a sign like this?

Stop sign
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Answer: Be sure to read the fine print! This sign asks drivers to make a complete stop, look both ways and then proceed through the alley way. If you are a commercial vehicle driver who needs to load or unload your truck, you can stop for up to 30 minutes.

3. People

If you’ve traveled in the southwest region of the U.S. you may have seen this sign before.Do you know what this sign is warning drivers?

Immigrant crossing sign
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Answer: This is an immigrant crossing sign. It warns drivers of possible undocumented immigrants crossing the highway.

4. Bridge Warning

Have any truckers come across this warning sign before? Although the meaning isn’t mysterious, it is an uncommon sight!

Bridge warning sign

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Answer: This useful sign in Columbus, Texas, warns tall trucks of an upcoming bridge. If the top of the truck hits the sign, you should find a new route to avoid the bridge.

5. Circle

Wisconsin truckers may be familiar with the circles these signs refer to, but we don’t see signs like these in the Midwest. Have you seen these signs in your travels?

Traffic circle sign
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Answer: Traffic circles, or roundabouts, seem to be everywhere nowadays. These signs are located on Route 34 in New Jersey. They warn drivers of an upcoming roundabout.

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