5 Tips For Truckers On A Budget

Saving money can be challenging no matter what your profession is, but it can be particularly difficult for truck drivers. Spending a few dollars at each stop might not seem like a lot, but it can add up. Use these five tips to stay on track with your budget.

  1. Take advantage of rest stops
    Many truck stops offer a number of free or affordable services, including showers, Wi-Fi, water fountains, exercise rooms and more. Use free services when they are available so you don’t have to pay for them at a different location.
  2. Limit spending on food
    Buying fast food or gas station food can be expensive and unhealthy. Truckers can save a significant amount of money by preparing their own meals. You can easily pack a lunch for less than $2, which is even more affordable than a drive-thru.
  3. Exercise on the go instead of in a gym
    Instead of paying for an expensive gym membership, find ways to exercise on the go. Even the cheapest gyms can cost over $200 annually.
  4. Use your own containers
    You can pinch a few pennies by having your own water bottle and coffee mug. Many places offer discounts on drinks if you bring your own cup. You can also use containers for snacks and meals so you can buy in bulk and then divide food up instead of purchasing more expensive individually wrapped items.
  5. Use Wi-Fi as much as possible
    When you’re constantly on the road, it can be easy to go over your cell phone data limit. To avoid getting charged for overages, use Wi-Fi as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for Wi-Fi passwords at your stops.

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