5 Things To Keep In Your Truck During Winter

If you’ve ever driven through snow, you know it’s quite different than driving in the middle of summer. It makes sense that you would need to bring a few extra things to help manage the cold and unpredictable road conditions. We’ve come up with a list of five things to keep in your truck this winter.

  • Shovel: Keep a heavy duty shovel in your cab in case you get stuck in a snow bank or need to shovel out your truck after a night of heavy snowfall.
  • Winter Gear: Even if you don’t wear winter boots and a thick coat while you’re driving, you should keep them in your cab in case you get stranded and need to walk to get help or dig yourself out. Make sure you have a coat, boots, mittens and a hat in your cab.
  • Ice Scraper: Ice can be stubborn to remove, so make sure you have a strong ice scraper with you. This could help save a lot of time waiting for your truck to defrost on its own.
  • Blanket: If your truck breaks down, there’s no telling how long you’ll be stuck waiting for help. Keeping an emergency blanket in your truck will help you stay warm while you wait.
  • Flashlight: There is less daylight in winter, which means it’s more likely that you will have vehicle issues when it’s dark out. Keeping a flashlight in your cab will help you see and be seen in the dark.

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