5 Surprising Facts About Semitrucks

Semitrucks are a complex and fascinating type of vehicle, and there’s much more to them than what meets the eye. Today we’re going to look at five surprising facts about semitrucks to help you understand them better.

  1. Semitrucks use diesel fuel because it’s more efficient than gasoline.

According to FuelEconomy.gov, diesel fuel contains roughly 10-15 percent more energy than gasoline, which means diesel vehicles can go about 20-35 percent farther on a gallon of fuel than a gasoline powered vehicle.

  1. Diesel-fueled semitrucks are more environmentally friendly.

Diesel fuel emits lower amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide than gasoline.

  1. Semitruck engines are designed to run nonstop.

The diesel engines in semitrucks are manufactured to run on extended duty cycles. Even though they can run for long periods of time, that doesn’t mean they should. It’s still important to give trucks a break and avoid idling, which can waste fuel.

  1. Eighteen-wheelers can have up to 18 gears.

Standard semitrucks have 10 gears, but they can have 13, 15 or even 18 gears. These different gears are necessary for slowing down and speeding up when hauling heavy weight on different inclines and road conditions.

  1. Mud flaps can help increase fuel efficiency and safety.

Mud flaps don’t just protect vehicles, passengers and pedestrians from mud or debris that can fly off a semi’s tires, but are also designed to improve airflow, reduce water spray and decrease drag, which also improves fuel efficiency and safety.

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