5 Summer Trucking Safety Tips

Icy, snowy roads in the winter pose an obvious risk for truck drivers, but summer can also be a challenging time to hit the roads. More construction, more people driving and no school lead to congested roads and highways packed with risks. Plus, the hot weather can take a toll on your truck and body. Learn five tips for staying safe this summer:

1. Watch For Construction

Thankfully our roadways are continually being improved, but unfortunately that means detours, traffic jams and bumpy roads in the summer. It is best to start slowing down before you are enter a construction zone to give your truck time to reach the reduced speed limit and avoid fines for speeding. Always give yourself plenty of space between the vehicle ahead and your rig in case you have to break quickly.

2. Monitor Traffic

Summer is the popular time for road trips, meaning there are thousands more vehicles on the road during summer. More vehicles means more congestion and more chances for accidents. Take breaks when needed to stay alert and cautious when driving. Also, check traffic reports throughout the day to see potential backups on your route.

3. Stay Hydrated

Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your truck. It is important to stay hydrated to keep you awake and focused. When you are dehydrated, you can feel sluggish, tired and sick. Reach for water throughout the day instead of sugary drinks. Aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day.

4. Monitor Weather

Ice and snowstorms are difficult to drive in, but severe weather in the summer can be just as dangerous. Heavy hail, wind and rain can be nearly impossible to drive in. Check the weather and be prepared to stop driving if things get too severe.

5. Inspect The Brakes

Hot weather can cause brakes to deteriorate faster than normal. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent accidents due to brake failure.

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