5 Safety Tips For Truckers

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, more than 400,000 accidents involved large trucks in 2015. Truckers should follow these safety tips to stay safe while traveling.

  1. Watch your blind spots

Always exercise caution when changing lanes because trucks have large blind spots where cars and motorists may be driving.

  1. Follow the appropriate speed for road conditions

It’s important to always be aware of road and weather conditions and drive the speed limit or in some cases, under it. Take your time especially through work zones, rain, snow and fog.

  1. Maintain your truck

Make sure your truck is always just as ready for the road as you are by checking fluid levels, lights, tire wear, oil level and more.

  1. Load cargo wisely

The height of your cargo exponentially affects the drag on your truck. It is much smarter to stack cargo lower and spread it throughout the available space. This isn’t just safer, it also helps improve your fuel economy.

  1. Reduce speed on curves

It’s important to go the speed limit as we mentioned before, but oftentimes you should be going even slower. Truck drivers should especially take curves more cautiously because larger vehicles have a tendency to tip over if they take them too fast.

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