5 Reasons To Become A Truck Driver In 2019

Making a career change can be an intimidating process, but it can also be an exciting opportunity. Explore five reasons it might be time for you to become a trucker in 2019.

Consistently Growing Industry
With e-commerce sales on the rise, there is an even greater need for truckers, which not only provides a boost to the economy, but also means job stability. Trucking moved 10.77 billion tons of freight in 2017, which is 70.2% of all domestic tonnage. Freight demand is high, and it shows no sign of stopping.

Trucker Shortage
The transportation industry has been suffering from a trucker shortage, which means there are many job opportunities to be found. Freight companies are looking at younger generations to help fill these positions by offering hiring incentives, sometimes in the form of higher pay.

Pay Predicted To Increase
Driver pay is predicted to increase as much as 11.5% in 2019 in an attempt to appeal to new drivers. As we’ve already mentioned, the trucker shortage is a huge reason why companies are willing to pay more to attract people to a career in trucking.

Independent Work
Another attractive aspect of becoming a truck driver is the freedom the road provides. While you still have to follow a shipping schedule, you do get to decide when and where to take breaks, and you can listen to whatever music, podcasts or audiobooks you like along the way.

As a truck driver, you will also be able to see parts of the country that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. It’s a great opportunity to find hidden roadside attractions or even explore well-known landmarks.

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